Are you suffering from post-Diwali guilt from all the binging and partying? Don’t let that bring you down. Here are 6 simple ways to detox after Diwali. So that you can ease your way back into a healthy lifestyle and offload that guilt!

Your Post Diwali Detox in 6 Simple Steps

The first thing to remember is that there is no miracle pill or detox drink that can undo things overnight. Instead, your post-diwali detox needs to consist of healthy meal choices, ensuring you’re getting the right nutrition and getting back to a regular exercise regimen.

Step 1: Chalk Out a Diet Plan (and Give Away the Temptation)

A detox diet plan is an important first step when it comes to eating healthy. Make mindful choices. This will help you get through any tougher work weeks without having to compromise on your diet and nutrition – and let’s face it, after a holiday, the work seems to pile up and reach a fever pitch.

Here are some foods you could include in your detox diet plan Indian style:

  • Breakfast on foods like oats dosa/upma, millet upma/idli/dosa, cheelas loaded with vegetables and made from besan/moong dal etc. Have eggs or overnight oats or chia pudding with plant-based milk if you like.
  • Make yogurt-based smoothies without any added sugar, using fruit to sweeten and seeds/nuts for additional nutrients.
  • Prepare your own boxed salads for snacking on, with interesting ingredients like avocado, mango, grilled tofu or paneer or grilled chicken or fish. Use berries or pomegranate for pops of color and enjoy the tartness of lemon, apple cider vinegar, or chaat masala in your dressing instead of creamy mayo.
  • For main meals, be sure to add wholegrains, fresh and cooked vegetables, and a lean protein/plant-based protein.
  • Drink herbal brews made from spices and herbs or even flowers to cut caffeine intake.

Bonus Tip! You have probably got a lot of sweets/mithai/chocolates and goodies over this week as gifts. Give them away to someone who can use the extra calories like the help at home or share them at work with colleagues.

Step 2: Stay Hydrated 

Your body needs water to eliminate or flush out waste from the body through bowel movements, sweat, and urine . If you’re physically active, living in a warm place, or sweat more, you may need more water than average.

Step 3: Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep has a role to play in the functioning of our immune systems, the release of stress hormones, appetite, and even cardiovascular health and blood pressure. Be sure to get your sleep back on track – aim for 7 to 8 hours every night .

Step 4: Start Exercising

Sweat off any excess calories consumed through regular workouts. This will get your metabolism revved up, energize you, and shake off any lethargy from all the festive feasting. Make it fun for yourself – if you enjoy dancing, join a dance workout class. If you are feeling stressed or stiff, yoga can help relax your mind and body. Kickboxing or mixed martial arts or even a good workout at the gym can be great if you need to burn off a lot of pent-up energy. Or just take a walk!

Step 5: Take a Multivitamin Capsule

Eating a balanced diet rich in fresh produce can do more for you than any fad diet or detox cure . Power up your reboot with multivitamin capsules that have the most important micronutrients that your body requires. This will ensure your systems are working optimally and not wanting for any key nutrients. If you’ve experienced a nutritional gap due to erratic eating during Diwali, such multivitamin capsules can also help tackle that issue.

Maxirich Multivitamin and Minerals Capsules: Before, During, and After Diwali!

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