Eating healthy at festival time – especially when the month is filled with back to back celebrations like Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Chhath Puja – can seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Here’s your guide to healthy eating this festive season, simplified. From healthy Diwali sweets to tips to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, we have got it all covered!

Healthy Diwali Sweets Recipes & Ideas

Sweets, snacks, and festive food are synonymous with a good festival season for most of us. But you can make it a healthier indulgence with these ideas.

  • Gift health-conscious friends homemade protein balls instead of ladoos. Use ingredients like cocoa and dates to add flavour.
  • Enjoy dry fruit based mithai that are sugar-free. Simply use dates to bind or incorporate honey as a treat.
  • Air fry or oven-bake your savory snacks like samosas to cut the oil intake. Ensure the filling is healthy too! Add a mix of vegetables, paneer, dried fruits.
  • Some classics like chakli, mathri, shakkarpare do well with oven baking and have all the goodness and crunch minus the calories from deep frying.
  • Cook your gulab jamuns and aalu bonda/batata vada in an appe/paniyaram pan. They taste just as good but with almost no oil!
  • Serve salads with every festive meal to allow guests to create a more balanced healthy plate of food.
  • Use heart-healthy oils like olive oil to cook these delicious Diwali meals.
  • Try using healthier flour like ragi or multigrain atta instead of the default maida(refined flour) option.
  • Make gajar ka halwa using low-fat milk and honey as a sweetener, and cut back on the ghee.
  • Add fruit to your kheer for a delicious twist, pop of freshness, and vitamin and mineral boost! Apples, pears, berries, and bananas, all work well. Make the kheer as usual and stir in the fruit at the end. This will allow you to reduce the sweetener/sugar used in the kheer as the fruit will lend their own sweetness.

Tips To Eat Healthy During festive season

This festive season, make balance your mantra. Have fun and enjoy the indulgence but in moderation. Here are 3 things to do this festive season.

#1 Add One Healthy Food To Each Meal

Mindful eating this Diwali doesn’t have to be about overly complicated recipes. Sometimes, all it takes is adding one extra item to your menu or snacks for the day. Eating a citrus fruit like an orange or mosambi, snacking on dahi/yogurt with some seeds sprinkled on top, stir-frying green leafy vegetables available locally as a side dish, salads packed with colorful vegetables like capsicum and tomatoes, switching to wholegrains like dalia, multigrain rotis, and oats – some examples of ways to get vitamins and minerals from foods sources in a way that is delicious and easy.

#2 Reduce Your Portion Sizes Of Treats

Rather than avoid your treats altogether, enjoy them in smaller portions. Make those sweets smaller sized or when visiting a friend or relative, take a half portion or a smaller serving of the rich food.

#3 Take A Daily Multivitamin Capsule

This Diwali, be sure to add a good multivitamin capsule to your festival planning. Keep them handy and start taking your daily multivitamin right away. They’ll ensure you don’t miss out on vital micronutrients in the run-up to the festival. Whether you’re out late celebrating, missing some meals and binging at others, these capsules will ensure you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Don’t Miss Out on These Important Vitamins & Minerals!

 Ensure you’re having adequate immune-supporting nutrients like antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E and vitamin D and minerals like zinc and copper

 Keep up your stamina and energy levels with B vitamins

 Have adequate calcium and magnesium for normal nerve and muscle function

 Keep up that iron intake to avoid fatigue and support immune health

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