Navratri is a time for festivities and celebration, and for many – also a time for fasting. Whether you are trying to stick to a sattvic diet or wanting to binge on delicious treats, there is a way to be smart about it and keep up a healthy diet amidst all the temptation! Here are some nutritious meal ideas for healthy eating during Navratri that will keep your energy levels up through Dussehra season.

9 Meal Ideas You Can Try This Navratri

In many homes, the usual staple dals and flours like besan and wheat flour are avoided, and the diet is largely what’s called ‘sattvic’ to make healthy meals for Navratri. Dairy products like milk and yogurt feature heavily along with alternate grains like millets, buckwheat, rajgira, sago, and more. Unfortunately, meals can often be overly fried and rich albeit delicious. The healthy diet food that we have listed below won’t compromise on taste and sticks to the rules for Navratri but allows you to put a healthy spin on traditional recipes.

#1 Swap Out Kuttu Puris for Healthy Low Oil Kuttu Dosas or Kuttu Dhokla: Healthy Dussehra meal ideas don’t mean you have to look for alternate ingredients – a tweak to cooking methods can make a difference too. Buckwheat flour can be used to make delicious dosas or even steamed dhokla and avoid the excess oil from deep frying puris.

#2 Use Makhanas To Make a Nutrient-Rich Healthy Kheer: Cut the sugar in your desserts and use ingredients like makhanas that contain magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine as well as protein.

#3 Try To Play Around With Indian Flavours To Make Delicious Salads: Salads don’t have to be boring. Flavour them with spice and introduce unusual ingredients like water chestnuts for crunch. Watery vegetables like cucumber are also light on the stomach. Peanuts and even sabudana(sago) can be used smartly in salads instead of oily khichdi.  Add apples and pomegranate for pops of sweetness and freshness.

#4 Make Tikkis From Millets: Barnyard millet makes for a great textural base for tikkis – add in your favorite vegetables and spices for a vitamin and mineral packed meal.

#5 Enjoy Energy Dense Foods Like Nuts For A Quick and Easy Boost: Amidst a busy schedule it can be hard to make time to create elaborate meals. Keep your home stocked with some homemade protein-rich nut balls for whenever you are short on time.

#6 Baked(or Air-Fried) Not Fried Sabudana Vadas: Try baking or air-frying things like sabudana(sago) vadas to avoid frying. This will help reduce the fat intake. Serve with a healthy carrot and tomato chutney for a satisfying snack or meal.

#7 Whip Up Healthy Milkshakes and Lassis: Trade in sweet sugary desserts for milkshakes with healthy ingredients like nuts and fruit and avoid adding any ice cream or added refined sugar or sweeteners. Lassi is another option that is popular this time of year. Use fruit like banana or honey double up as natural sweeteners.

#8 Experiment with Non-Meat based Kebabs: You can make tasty kebabs from things like raw banana, yam, and paneer. Don’t skimp on the spice and herbs!

#9 Stock Up On Coconut Water: Ensure you have a steady supply of coconut water daily during your fasting week. This will keep your body plied with electrolytes and fluid to help keep up those energy levels and avoid dehydration-linked fatigue/tiredness. If you’re active and don’t miss a single dandiya or garba night, coconut water is your best friend, keeping your minerals and water replenished.

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