Your body needs its daily dose not just of proteins, carbs, and fats, but also vitamins and minerals. So which are the essential vitamins you need to keep your eye on? Here’s the A to E of your most essential vitamins for the body!

Vitamin A

This vitamin is needed to support the normal function of various organs(like the skin, lungs, heart, and kidneys). You also require vitamin A for your immune system, your reproductive system, and your vision . 

B Vitamins

Known together as B-complex, you should try and get in vitamins B1(thiamine), B2(riboflavin), B3(niacin), B5(pantothenic acid), B6(pyridoxine), B9(folic acid), and B12(cobalamin). Why? First off, they help with energy release from the food you eat. You also need B vitamins for red blood cell production . They’re needed for normal functioning of your nervous system. And if that wasn’t enough you need those B vitamins to keep your skin and eyes healthy too . 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin that combats free radical damage in the body, helps with wound healing, and is required for your body to produce collagen – the basic building block protein for your connective tissue . 

Vitamin D3

Due to its role in helping the body use calcium and phosphorus, this vitamin is important for your bone strength, muscles, and even teeth ! What’s more, it also helps fight inflammation and modulates immune function and the metabolism of glucose .

Vitamin E

Antioxidant vitamin E offers protection from free radical damage besides supporting immune health . It also helps keep your eyes and skin healthy .

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